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Technology is developing and service is gradually improving. And along with them, user expectations grow and constantly change, so it is important to meet the standards that customers get used to. To do this, you need to be always in touch with your users, collect feedback from them and give you the opportunity to contact you at any time if necessary. And chatbots will be great help with this. Below we have compiled a few tips to help you get the most out of your chatbots on your website.

1. Reducing the number of abandoned carts
A big problem with all online stores is abandoned carts. Potential customers add products to the shopping cart and then leave the site without making a single purchase.
It may surprise you how big a problem this is. You may always checkout when you add items to your shopping cart, but if so, you are one of the few to do so. The average cart abandonment rate in 2020 was 88%! If customers don't make a purchase, then you need to encourage them to move further along the funnel. Now this is mainly solved by remarketing via email newsletters - a reminder is sent to the client about unfinished purchases. But doing the same thing using a bot, for example, directly to the client's messenger, is much more efficient. After all, we know that WhatsApp's open rate is 90% higher than email.

2. Customer assistance and upselling
Quite a lot of entrepreneurs are afraid to implement chat bots - they think that their potential customers will be annoyed by an annoying bot. Indeed, we are all often enraged by unnecessary pop-ups and chat windows that pop-up on every page and strive to “help” us with something. But we are talking about properly configured and useful bots. In fact, many buyers appreciate the virtual assistant. Because he relieves them of the difficulties that arise when searching for the necessary goods.
Even if your site has perfect structure and navigation, a chatbot can direct customers to the exact section or product they are looking for. It will also be effective when your employees are not always able to provide prompt support to the client. Chatbots in online stores can also offer regular customers to buy products based on their previous order history and / or views. Here is the same analogy with e-mail, when the client automatically receives a letter, for example, to buy more diapers, since the previous ones are already running out soon. But why send a message to a spammed communication channel if you can send it directly to the messenger using a bot? By the way, when we talk about bots in a messenger, this is by no means spam. We stand for respectful customer relations and ethical messenger marketing.

3. Data collection
Chatbots in e-commerce are a very effective way of collecting user data. The more your visitors interact with chatbots, the more data you get. This can be helpful to better understand your customers' needs. Such data can be used for:
• Personalization of communication with your clients, providing them with an exceptional service. Satisfied customer = regular customer.
• Developing your business in accordance with the needs of your customers. More information about regular customers = more new customers.
• Increase user interaction with your site. The best behavioral characteristics of the user on the site = the best search engine optimization and places in the search results.
It works very simply - each client who contacts the chatbot is assigned a unique number. You can also assign different tags to clients for subsequent segmentation. Working in conjunction with CRM, all this helps to better understand how people use your site - how long they search, what they don't like, what they watch, and so on.
Once you understand what your users want, you can lead them faster through the funnel to a sale.

4. Notifications about discounts and promotions
We mentioned above that the bot can be used to remind you of an unfinished purchase.
But chatbots can still be used to notify customers about current or upcoming discounts and promotions in your online store. And, returning to the previous tip - customer data and segmentation play a significant role here. Because this way you will only be able to send promotions to those customers who have previously been interested in these products or ordered them. In general, like email marketing, it is only significantly more effective.

5. Attracting customers
And, of course, one of the most useful features of chat bots is attracting new customers. Given the immense popularity of instant messengers, today customers are looking for the most convenient and fastest way to contact the company. Especially among the generation that grew up with mobile phones in their hands. And chatbots do just that very well. If you can be contacted directly in the messenger, for example, on the subway on the way to work, and decide your

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