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With chatbots, companies expect to reduce processing times and improve employee productivity. On average, this technology can increase performance by 5-30%. But before that, you need to attract traffic to the chatbot. What free and paid tools should you use to promote?

Free ways
The most obvious and overlooked way. Often, it is the site that is the first point of contact between the client and the company. Place a banner about a chatbot's quick response or customize a pop-up window.

Social networks
Tell your subscribers on social networks that you have a virtual assistant and now you can ask him all the questions. To do this, you can use the announcement, instructions for working with the bot and a list of its skills. It is important to note that the bot responds much faster than the administrator.

To reach a large number of users, it is worth launching a bot in all popular instant messengers. Let customers have the opportunity to communicate where they feel comfortable. It is worth noting that a little tuning is required for each channel, since there are technical connection features everywhere, but the number of connections will not affect the cost of the bot in any way.

If the company sends news and special offers to the customer base, you need to add a message about the chatbot and its functions to the letter.

Letter signatures
Prompt employees to add a link to the bot in their email signatures. The more employees you have, the wider the reach of potential chatbot users.

Lead magnet
Tell your customers about the benefits that can only be obtained from the chatbot channel. Think over and create an attractive offer, for example:
• "Make an order through the bot and delivery will be free";
• "Limited collection - only in the bot";
• "Subscribe to the bot and be the first to know about promotions."

Paid ways
Targeted SMS-mailing
This service is offered by mobile operators. The base can be compiled according to various parameters, for example, the gender and age of the recipients, the city of residence and the phone model. You should also add a link to the bot and the benefits of using it in the message. Best of all, SMS-mailing will work for a warm audience that has already somehow contacted the company.

Targeted mailing in Viber
If the bot works in Viber, then you can send the newsletter directly in the messenger. The conversion will be higher than in the previous method. When sending SMS, users need to go from the message to the website or messenger to start a dialogue with the bot. And when sending in Viber, users go to the bot without leaving the application. The fewer steps you need to take to the target action, the higher the conversion.

Mailings in social networks
If the company has large communities on social networks (https://rb.ru/opinion/promote-new-social-network/), you can send a mailing list to subscribers. To do this, it is better to use special programs: for example, VK Sender, Spotlight, iDirect and Instalex.

Advertising in social networks
You can set up targeted advertising on VKontakte, Facebook and Instagram and drive traffic into a dialogue with the bot. It is better to divide the audiences and develop a separate strategy for each group. Creativity and advertising are of great importance: the simpler the layout, the better it works.

Display Advertising
The Google Display Network and Yandex Advertising Networks are another channel for promoting a chatbot. In Google Analytics, Yandex.Metrica, and the Facebook pixel, you can collect the audience that visited the company's website and create a base for remarketing. Then, on its basis, it is worth creating a look-a-like - a list of users who, according to Yandex, Google and Facebook, are similar to site visitors, and display ads to this audience.

QR code with link
You can make a QR code with a link to the chat bot (https://rb.ru/opinion/how-make-multilingual-bot/) and place it on all advertising media: business cards, flyers, signs near the checkout, on stands and etc.

How to start where?
1. Start promoting with free ways to optimize costs.
2. Mix up paid promotion methods and analyze their effectiveness: strengthen what works and disable the ineffective.

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